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Economical Development

3400% growth for the past 10 years

5530% growth for the past 10 years

1330% growth for the past 10 years

With a great location, perfect district support facilities and excellent services, since the built-up, the park achieves the tremendous growth. Currently, in 2.32 square kilometers of the park land, there are almost full of with IT investment projects and 115 registered enterprises. The park has attracted a total investment of approximately $2.193 billion. About 40,000 people is working in the park. The park leads the country’s industrial park in the development of “super-intensive”, forms a IT industrial production base with world famous multinational corporations such as Samsung, Roma, Alps, Danaher, Essex and ISA and their supporting enterprises, establishes mobile communications, electronic image and LED new light source industrial chain, successfully create a “low-input, high-output and high-yield” development path.

In 2012, the park’s gross industrial output value reaches 122.33 billion yuan (RMB), a year-on-year growth of 33.47%, accounting for 17.22% of the TEDA; exports value reaches $9.332 billion, an increase of 21.28%, accounting for 41.94% of the TEDA, which is the best level in history.

At present, the park economy continued to show good momentum of development, on the high basis of 2012, in 2013, the park realized gross industrial output value of 147.032 billion yuan (RMB), a year-on-year growth of 33.7%, accounting for 18.19% of the TEDA; exports value of $9.735 billion, an increase of 6.65%, accounting for 44.43% of the TEDA; with employees 50,000 people, completed and exceeded the assessment objectives of 135 billion yuan (RMB) issued by CMC. In 2013 also created the new historical record of gross industrial output value since the construction area of the park.