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Park Heating Service

Heating Situation

Microelectronics industrial park adopts central heating method, can provide heating for enterprises in winter. To maintain the microelectronics industry excellent atmosphere and surrounding environment, heating center adopts the U.S. Clayton boiler, using environmental media, such as natural gas or fuel steam, the maximum amount of steam to reach 105 tons / hour.

Application Process

1. Enterprises submit heating application (before 15 August of each year)

2. Heating facilities construction

3. Heating facilities construction after identify and pay the fees after paying the construction fee

4. Heating contracts signed

Heating fee:

1. Measuring heat fee: users pay heating fee according to the dosage of each month. According to the heating area of RMB 9.35 /square meters/month

2. Microelectronics industrial park heating period is from November 15th to March 15th of next year.

3. The heating fee charging standard along with the Tianjin economic and technological development area charging standard and adjustment accordingly.

Contact Phone Number: 83962513,23960680