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Park Water Services

Park Water Services:

Micro-electronics Industrial Park water is supplied by Tianjin city water supply network through the DN800mm pipeline. At the same time, the industrial park has pressure station to ensure the normal water of local enterprises in the peak. Water supply capacity up to 25000 tons / day, the actual water consumption of local enterprises in the park is 10000 tons / day, has adequate water available for use. Water supply pressure reaches 0.25 mpa

Water Application Process:

1. Enterprises submit water application

2. Water supply facilities construction

3. Water supply facilities construction organization after confirming and paying the construction fee.

4. Energy contracts signed

5. Water supply

Charge for Water:

Industrial water: RMB 7.85 / cubic meter

Temporary water: RMB 8.30 / cubic meter

1. Implement water price of Tianjin Water Supply Company charging standards. And changing according to Tianjin water charging standards adjustment accordingly.

2. Fire prevention fee: each water user in microelectronic industrial park pay RMB 49.39 / month as fire prevention fee.

3. Table and line loss fee: 3% of water charging fee.

Repair Telephone  83962039  83962397