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Apartment Profile

Microelectronics apartment was founded in 2002, with the development of the microelectronics industrial park in ten years, microelectronics apartment has been in constant construction and perfect, to the end of 2011, the microelectronics industrial park built and put into use 3 blue-collar apartments (respectively named electronic apartment one, two and three), construction area of 138900 square meters, provide 2893 accommodation rooms, can accommodate 24266 people; 2 White-collar apartments (Ivy apartment), building area of 8422 square meters, provide160 accommodation rooms, can accommodate 313 people.

Blue-collar apartment

Microelectronics industrial park blue-collar apartment building is divided into three phases, the first stage: to solve the workers’ accommodation problem of enterprises in the park in 2002, the microelectronics general corporation built electronic apartment one with 1.79 square meters, provided 3944 beds for enterprise; The second stage: from 2004 to 2010 with the development of the park, especially Samsung communications, Samsung electronics and other large enterprises registered in the park, blue-collar apartment on a surge in demand, in order to ensure the needs of enterprises, Microelectronics General Corporation has built apartment two and apartment three in the park, two apartments total construction area is 74300 square meters, with 13698 pieces of accommodation beds for the enterprise, effectively guarantee the development of enterprises; The third stage: in 2011, facing the Samsung SDI Mobile Corporation capital expansion, Microelectronics General Corporation built the apartment three 7-11 building with 53800 square meters in accordance with the new standards of blue-collar apartment in development zone, provided enterprises with 6624 beds, effectively guarantee the needs of the company expanding production. Over the years, microelectronics apartment in sync with the development of the park, for solve the future problems of the park enterprises.

At present, there are three types of microelectronic apartments, (6 men, 8 men, 10 men) , the apartment one , two and three 1-6 building that built before 2008, which room and public facilities’ configuration is in accordance with the basic accommodation needs, configured basic furniture in the room (bed, wardrobe, stool, table), electric fan, public toilet in the floor, public water room (can provide boiling water), public charging room, TV room, reading room, bathroom; the apartment three 7-11 building that built in 2011 , which construction is in accordance with the blue-collar apartment standard of development zone, configured independent toilet room, bathroom, water heater, air conditioning room configuration etc. in the room.

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White-collar apartment

To meet the enterprises’ demand for white-collar apartment of micro-electronics industrial park, Microelectronics General Corporation renovated the original foreign-related flats in 2010 and transformed it into ivy white-collar apartment with building area of 7327 square meters, which provided 132 accommodation rooms, can accommodate 313 people; 2011 Samsung Communication Technology Research Co Ltd registered in our park, Microelectronics General Corporation rebuilt the original electronic hotel as ivy apartment block B, increased 28 white-collar apartments for the enterprise with 66 beds.

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Contact phone number

If you want to contact, please click the following link:  Apartment Check-in Process

You can also call 022-83962559; contact the property management department to know more information.