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Micro-Electronics General Corporation Apartment Service Center was formally established to enhance the level of service of the Park Apartments, improve work efficiency and create a good image of Micro-Electronics General Corporation enterprise services.

The service center’s establishment is one new initiative of Micro-Electronics General Corporation service and mechanism’s innovation and enhancement of service quality, which has been widespread concerned in local businesses and accommodation. It is not only to provide elegant work environment for visitors but also to shorten the work time by using the state-of-the-art management software to simplify the original tedious Check In & Check Out process and procedures. On Service concept, the center adhering to the “attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, fast and efficient” standard provides all-round, multi-level service to enterprises in the park.

The service center includes Check In Area and Check Out Area. The Check In Area mainly accepts the cases that new accommodation formalities and passes missed re-submit. And Check Out Area mainly accepts the case that check out procedures.

Please select and wait in line Check-In Area or Check-Out Area based on your business requirement.

Check-In Process:


Check-Out Process:


Passes missed Re-Submit:


Contact Tel: 83962886