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Samsung Mobile Display Co.,Ltd



Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd. (SMD) was launched in January 2009 as the biggest producer, and an industry leader, in next-generation small and medium displays. SMD was conceived to take the mobile display business over from Samsung SDI, with plans to foster the developing OLED business-a new generation of display technology.

SMD owns state-of-the-art technology in the most advanced display formats, including OLED displays. Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI, which have been developing technology in the LCD business since 1984 and the OLED business since 2001, have each invested heavily in SMD, each owning 50% of its shares.

Upon its launch, SMD gained the world’s largest market share in the small and medium LCD industry, also gaining manufacturing facilities and manpower of a Samsung Electronics factory in Giheung, and two factories in Cheonan.