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Multi section joint action to govern illegal buildings on the northern side of Lu Bei Road in Microelectronics Industrial Park


In the morning of July 31st, 2017, the Development Zone Management Bureau, market and quality supervision and Management Bureau, environmental protection bureau and the Bureau of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the multi sectoral joint action and Public Security Public Security Bureau of Xiqing public security police station, Microelectronics Industrial Park Xiqing district fire brigade, Micro-electronics General Company, jointly carried out governance action to the illegal construction of north side of Lu North Road in Microelectronics Industrial Park

The illegal construction on the north side of Lu Bei Road is a chronic disease left over by the microelectronics industrial park for many years. It has seriously affected the city appearance environment and has a major security risk, and has not been properly solved. In accordance with the “Tianjin city sewage treatment requirements and scattered” development zone “iron fist action” unified deployment, the CMC deputy inspector Zhang Jun and Jia Shouyue chaired a special coordination development, District Urban Management Bureau convened on July 28th, 2017 at department meetings, with the fastest speed to the joint management action.

In this operation, the two district departments braved the high-temperature heat, close cooperation, the law enforcement officers of the Urban Management Bureau of the development zone have carefully preached policies to the merchants in the illegal buildings, be patient with your thought work and hand over the demolition notice to the merchant, No merchants are attached to the front position, to inform other departments and units of the relevant policies and regulations of good professional interpretation, Xiqing Public Security Bureau police district police station police deployed to the microelectronics industry, to ensure the full operations smoothly. The action laid a solid foundation for the joint law enforcement of the relevant departments.