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Micro-electronics General Company orderly promotes the standardization of safety production


Combined with the guide spirit of safety committee of the Development Zone on the construction implementation plan of safety risk control and hidden trouble investigation and the dual prevention mechanism, Micro-electronics General Company further improves the company’s safety management, orderly promotes safety production standardization work.

The day before, the company held a safety production standardization initiation seminar, at the meeting, the special safety management experts from the safety standardization requirements of laws and regulations, standardized assessment criteria, standardized work content, full participation and other aspects of in-depth analysis.

The leadership of the company will make clear deployment of implementation the safety standardization work, constantly strengthen the basic management of safety work, multi level and multi angle implement of standardized management and control, to ensure the standardization and integrity of the internal safety work of the company, and lay the foundation for the next implementation of micro industrial area safety risk control and hidden trouble investigation and governance double control.