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Micro-electronics General Company organized “welcome National Games” fire safety special training


The Thirteenth National Games held by our city will be held soon, in order to maintain the good safety and fire prevention work in the microelectronic industrial park, and ensure the fire safety during the national games. The day before, Micro-electronics General Company nvited the Xiqing fire brigade, the fire officers in area enterprises and other business units (establishments) responsible person, a total of more than 60 centralized and unified fire safety training.

Missionary personnel through case studies, especially in densely populated places and safety key areas of sudden fire accidents, deal with, to focus on teaching. Preaching personnel theory and practice, content rich, vivid and simple, further strengthen the park related personnel fire safety responsibility consciousness, improve the trainee safety fire prevention management ability.

Trainees said that the training organized by the Microelectronics Corporation was of practical significance to the fire safety work in the near sensitive period, and that the harvest was quite good and it was accurately deployed and implemented after returning to the unit. The special training provides a strong guarantee for the fire safety in the park, especially during the national games.