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Micro-electronics General Company conducts a special inspection of fire hydrants in the apartments of the park


Microelectronics industrial Park built the apartment area of 216,000 square meters, of which Samsung communications, Samsung vision, Mobile Corporation and other three-star enterprises targeted construction apartments with area of about 100,000 square meters. In the apartment that have been built, about 50% construction period before 2004, the earliest using time has been more than 15 years, the original design of fire protection system is lower grade, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant bolt supporting has varying degrees of aging.

In order to ensure the safety of the use of apartment fire hydrant system, ensure the relief function, micro electronics company since the beginning of July 17th, drainage manometry for apartment projects all indoor and outdoor fire hydrants. Up to now, the apartment more than 900 fire hydrants all tested. Next, the company will track the problems checked, completely eliminate the hidden dangers of apartment fire hydrants, and provide a safe and peaceful living environment for apartment residents.