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Micro-electronics General Company organized a briefing on safety and environmental protection


On September 22nd, 2017, Micro-electronics General Company organized the outsourcing Committee and contractor who responsible for the related business of the company to hold a briefing on the safety and environmental protection situation.

The meeting informed the recent safety accidents occurred in Development Park and the current situation of environmental protection work; required the assigned units and the contractor to attach great importance and standardize the qualification of employees, be sure to do certification, and strictly follow the safety laws and regulations to engage in related work. The meeting also informed the focus from October 2017 to March 2018, the city was built in the city to stop all kinds of construction engineering earthwork operations and cement mixing and pouring operations, stop road engineering earthwork operations, for the major livelihood projects, key projects and related technical safety projects, involving earthwork operations, cement mixing and pouring operations, step by step does not work for approval before construction, the relevant departments for approval. In addition, the prohibition of outdoor burning straw and all coal operations, requiring all units in strict accordance with environmental protection requirements for construction operations, and found that the problem will be dealt with severely.

Our proposed at the meeting, outsourcing units and contractors such as a violation of the laws and regulations, as well as to labor wages, in violation of the provisions of the situation, we will implement the “one vote veto”, which prohibits the subcontractor of our external work.

All the outsourcing units and contractors have indicated that they will strictly implement the laws and regulations in the future work, and cooperate with the Microelectronics Corporation to carry out their daily work and contribute to the development of the development zones.