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CMC leadership came to Micro-electronics General Company and held 2017 theory-discussing meeting


On November 29th, the Development Zone (Nangang Industrial Zone) management committee deputy inspector Jia Shouyue hosted 2017 theory-discussing meeting of Micro-electronics General Company. Seriously planed the key work in 2017 and determined the work of the idea in 2017. Micro-electronics General Company leadership, corporate strategy and development planning committee members attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Jia Shouyue listened to the 2017 report on key work ideas of Micro-electronics General Company responsible person, and put forward to the specific requirements on the park’s business services, transformation and upgrading, Party building work, internal management, environmental improvement and safety management work.

Meeting put forward 2017 key work requirements to Micro-electronics General Company:

One is to further strengthen the party’s leadership, party building drives company team construction. To change the members and staff’s ideological style, establish positive wind righteousness; promote the team building by taking the party members as the core. Carry out leading cadres and staff talk, such as democratic life, unity of thinking, to form a joint force. Enhance staff’s sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, to stimulate all the staff’s enthusiasm and creativity, make concerted efforts to do business. Actively carry out non-public party building and full coverage of the work, providing a strong ideological guarantee for constructing harmonious parks and regional development.

Two is the courage to undertake the responsibility of regional management, do good service work for park enterprise. To enhance the sense of responsibility, heavy responsibilities, extend many management functions of development zone to the park, do a good job of safety supervision, environmental protection, infrastructure construction, rich corporate cultural life and other services.

Three is to focus on the future and strategic development perspective, positive innovation, carefully study the district investment and transformation & development issues. Resolve the problems of restricting the development of communities, the planning and adjusting of the old plant Zhong Xiaoyuan, make it to fit the district transformation and development needs.

The four is to maintain community security and stability, corporate with development zone safety supervision department, do well work of routine inspections and management, the safety supervision department development zone, daily inspection, management, Strengthen safety publicity, Investigation of various types of security risks, timely reflect corporate security, regional security issues, strengthen security, fire, urban management and other comprehensive management.

The five is to further improve the overall environment, mine the highlights on the basis of daily maintenance, remediate and upgrade greening roads, street appearance to make the park more neat, beautiful and modern.